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Key Benefits

Your Investment in services is driven by a plan
You have the final word in identifying and prioritizing your needs
You decide how much and how fast


Providing monitoring and implementing 'enterprise-level security
For EVERY system we wupport...
Supporting Clients via remote access and telephone 
For EVERY system we support a guiding principal is how to make it easy for clients to maintain.  To that end we select intuitive tools and document extensively so that when you call we really can help, and we rarely charge for time spent providing routine support by phone.

Conducting training & creating documentation
Formal training for computers is not what is used to be.  We have long-standing relationships with partner firms that do computer training, but formal training is increasingly NOT required for most routine computing tasks.  When training or documentation is appropriate we respond with whatever is needed from instructor lead course developed based on years teaching and training experience to step-by-step instructions.

Managing on-Site installations at your facilities
Quite often the need for support is prompted by circumstances and we routinely provide it in person or by phone.  To do this 2SS.Com it's contractors and partner firms first maintain extensive experience with many many popular applications. Then we maintain that expertise by routinely using new technology to meet our own day-to-day needs so that we'll be ready to assist clients with theirs. (e.g. 2SS.Com uses Microsoft
Office, ACT, Quicken, QuickBooks, FrontPage, etc) and we maintain certifications as Microsoft Certified Professionals, Intuit ProAdvisor, etc.


Gateway Christian Life Church
The availability of ACT for contact management was a real boon to a 'group-oriented' church, but folks needed to be introduced to it in a way that would allow them to quickly be productive in accessing and using the data.  To make this possible we conducted some preliminary 'instructor-lead' training to kick the process off and and prepared detailed documentation (Using ACT at GCLC) as a take-away for reinforcement and as an individualized training tool.

Kelly Brothers
2SS.Com had a wonderful opportunity to assist Sacramento TV & Radio personality Kelly Brothers in his work with Smith Barney as an investment advisor.  Kelly needed to quickly develop a PowerPoint presentation for use with his clients.  2SS.Com worked with him to outline, build and contribute graphics and organization to the initial presentation, and then to assist him in learning how to add, delete and modify it.  In addition to paying his invoice, Kelly was kind enough to offer us a very nice letter of recommendation as well.

San Juan Unified School District
We had a  similar pro-bono opportunity to assist the San Juan School District with it's refinement of a presentation to promote support for a local proposition.  Then assistant superintendent Paul Disario was kind enough send a letter complementing our work.


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