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Skill and Certification Summary

Staff members of 2SS.Com and its 'Key Partner Firms' maintain expertise in products from major productivity software vendors some of which include:



                            Paradox ®  .                                            WordPerfect™ Office

                         Quattro™ Pro Win


                          Access                                              Internet Explorer

                          BackOffice Server                               SQL Server

                          Excel                                                 Visual Basic

                          Exchange Server & Outlook           Windows (Workstations & Servers)

                          FrontPage®                                          Word for Windows



                          Backup Exec                                        PC Anywhere

                          Norton SystemWorks & AntiVirus      WinFax Pro

                       ACCOUNTING SYSTEMS                                                                                                          








(...and more)

 As well as many others...

ACT! - Adobe® PageMaker -  Cobian Backup - GoldMine™ - TimeSlips®, etc.

 And when we say 'experience' we mean the kind that comes from tried and seasoned results.  Our staff members and 'key partner firms' hold certifications including:

Intuit ® (QuickBooks/Quicken) - ProAdvisor Program

Microsoft® - Certified Professional(s), 
Microsoft® Solution Provider (Formerly No. 52086),
Microsoft Organization Partner (ID No. 1129909) and

Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist

Symantec Registered Partner

Corel®/WordPerfect® - Certified Resource

Our wide variety of experience also includes Intel-based PCs using Windows, UNIX,  LANtastic®, Novell® and Microsoft® Local Area Networks, Oracle®, PowerBuilder®, and SyBase® databases and development tools, and SUN®, IBM® and Hewlett Packard® mainframes and mini-computers

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