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Key Benefits

Your Investment in equipment/hardware is driven by a plan
You have the final word in identifying and prioritizing your needs
You decide how much and how fast


Managing PC hardware and software
We are pleased to offer our customers 'best pricing' on all hardware and software purchases.  We always use only a standard 10% mark-up to insure any items bought through 2SS.Com are a good value for you, high quality, able to be implemented and come with appropriate assurances that defects will be repaired and problems resolved.

Monitoring and troubleshooting Internet connectivity and security
2SS.Com acquires and installs local and wide-are network components to construct and upgrade our client's networks with components like network servers, hubs or switches, firewalls, printers, and Internet connectivity via T1, DSL, etc.

Performing local and wide-area upgrades and maintenance
We maintain a unique set of expertise for old and the new technologies.  2SS.Com and it's 'partner firms' can often save you money by implementing solutions without upgrades, or if appropriate by insuring you get the upgrade for the best pricing available.  We routinely improve the operation of older PCs using our 2SS.Com 'Standard Install' approach to completing tune-ups.


A unique provider of Housing Services
On referral from one of our partner firms we first responded to a downed server by developing three recovery alternatives that were perused in the agreed priority order with another partner firm.  The first alternative worked, while the second was being pursued separately.  After stabilizing operations we planned  the acquisition of needed operating system software and then performed 'weekend' re-builds of the critical network servers
.  We continued to implement an un-used firewall device, automated software to monitor UPS's (un-interruptible power supplies), appropriate network user and password security, and a replacement back-up capability that featured both sufficient capacity and significant ease-of-use. 

After 2+ years of operation we began to replace the above 'local clone' severs with name brand servers adding RAID-1 hard disk security to the mix.

Gateway Christian Life Church
Working pro-bono and with a severely challenged budget 2SS.Com developed a detailed plan to re-vamp, acquire and implement older technology to create a viable infrastructure for improving productivity in offices intended to serve 10 to 15 staff members.  We acquired a new PC server and deeply discounted (5-year old) Microsoft Back Office Small Business Server software as well as sufficient copies of productivity tools like Microsoft Office 97 and ACT.  Over a few months a 15+ node network was largely complete with shared contacts database, Exchange 5.5 E-mail server (eliminating external per-user fees and making E-mail addresses available to over 65 staff and ministry leaders), Outlook 2000 E-mail and calendaring for staff members and useful file and printer sharing.

Sol Aureus College Preparatory (aka SAC Prep)
We accepted SAC Prep as a 'pro bono' client late in 2010, but really began to contribute in the Fall of 2011 when the school moved to the campus of the former 'Bear Flag Elementary' school and almost doubled it's student body.  We responded to the new opportunities by working with partner firms to address a still growing list of IT support needs that have included in order of implementation:
A comprehensive IT plan/proposal for the school, a detailed IT inventory, acquisition of new PCs for teachers, creation of a SAC Prep standard installation for students and teachers, rehabilitation of old staff PCs for reassignment to new staff members, implementation of an increasingly strong hardware infrastructure (e.g. pipes)  for Internet access,  a new phone system and devices in the school's office, use of Google Voice accounts to reduce cost and improve functionality for key staff members, taking on Xerox as a key vendors that was providing poor working equipment and virtually no service and initiating a relationship with Comcast that promises to reduce the cost of phone and Internet service while substantially increasing the Internet bandwidth (e.g. filling the pipes).



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