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Key Benefits

Your Investment in your application is driven by a plan
You have the final word in identifying and prioritizing your needs
You decide how much and how fast


Managing projects (Design, staffing, development & installation)
2SS.Com has extensive project management experience using 'right-sized' tools that range from a simple 'to-do' list to a full-blown PERT/CPM plan built using tools like Microsoft Project.  2SS.Com's principal, Ron Ellis is also a long-time college instructor, familiar with the Systems Development Life Cycle and a number of methodologies that implement it.

Conducting 'RFP' (Request For Proposal) and Vendor Selection 
We understand the importance of a well conducted vendor solicitation and award process for all involved.  And, we know from experience the power of well-defined specifications to lower costs and obtain competitive bids.

Production production system maintenance and enhancement 
For 'selected' long term customers we are pleased to provide ongoing system maintenance and enhancement services that aim at the least possible interruption to operations.

Authoring and hosting client websites
Having all the skills needed to address every area of technology, particularly systems development, is a tall order that we satisfy by working with 'well-established' and 'long-term' partner firms that bring expertise and capacity to development projects.


Chemical Industry Council of CA (Design, staffing, development & installation)
We first became involved when website hosting problems were preventing routine updates.  We developed detailed specifications for what was required, secured approval from the client, and then reviewed them with the current website authors.  Meeting together, we quickly agreed that our objectives for the website and the current technology approach were not a match.

Working with our partner firm, we recovered and updated the website within two (2) weeks of being authorized to do so.   Thereafter the website was able to be maintained routinely and a plan was developed and approved to move much of the day-to-day website maintenance into the client's offices.

A specialized Design & Engineering firm
Our client needed to invest in their growth rather than in a phone system, but their staff had already grown well past their get-though-the-day use of Vonage, POTS (plain old telephone service) and cell phones.  We did comparative research on typical PBX vendors like NEC, Avaya, Panasonic, Nortel who all offered $5,000 plus solutions.   Then our research turned-up onebox and within a couple weeks we had a very professional system in place with auto-attendant, mail boxes, voice mail messages sent to E-mail, Faxes sent as PDF's to E-mail, and more...All for under $80.00 a month!




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