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Win 10 before July 29, 2016?  That is the question...

About a year ago we joined many of our customers in being interested, even excited about the new FREE upgrade to Windows 10.  Now as the FREE upgrade deadline approaches we wonder what all the excitement was about?

Most everyone agrees the new OS is an improvement but there is not much new for the typical wants-to-be-productive business user.  Yes studies and some hands-on experience indicate good performance and likely better security,  But beyond using a 'touch-screen' there are no compelling reasons to upgrade.  And, upgrading has not been easy.

2SS.Com has been through a handful of upgrades and every one has had some complications that ranged from requiring hours (e.g. like 12+ over a few days) to finally resolve, to one system that was so compromised by the aggressive Microsoft upgrade process that it had to have files salvaged and get wiped clean for a Windows 7 re-build.

So we think the Windows 10 value proposition is not too attractive.

  • Get your FREE upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 PC and spend hours, maybe many hours, trying to upgrade to Windows 10, just to get it to work again as it did before the upgrade.

  • OR stick with Windows 7 on any processor sold before the Winter of 2015 and your software is supported by Microsoft until at least Jan. 14, 2020 (TechRepublic).

Will we ever recommend Windows 10 and what will it cost? 
Yes of course it will make sense to update as new PCs are acquired, and we expect that the cost will continue to be what it's been to get Window 7, 8, or now 10, installed on any new PC, about $100.

PS:   At 2SS.Com we have become pretty good at configuring Windows 10 to look and work like Windows 7/8.   So do call on us to help you make a new Windows 10 PC work intuitively and to keep you productive.

Do others offer caution for Windows?

Do you see this 'window' icon in the lower-right corner of your PC.  It's being called by the technology industry Microsoft's "Windows 10 Nag Campaign" to 'nag' you into authorizing a Windows 10 download and upgrade.  We recommend and use the FREE utility 'GWX Control panel' to eliminate-the-nag on most every Windows 7 and 8 PC that we touch!


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