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Every PC needs most or all of these 20 basics:

(The following is extracted from just
above our listing at www.StdInstall.Com

In the table that follows the first two columns indicate our recommendation for use with Windows 7 and/or Windows XP.  Product icons are also links to the product websites. 

In the title column when the product name is a link it takes you as closely as possible to a download.  Programs that require a fee for home-based users are noted.

The Ninite tool is so simple (select, get installer, and run) and smart (omits toolbars. adds, extras, and selects the correct 32-bit or 64-bit version) that even if you want just one or two of the programs it installs, we recommend that you use it!

Quick Takes...

  1. AVOID the ADAWARE UPDATE! - Updating from version 9.x to 10 on Windows XP is problematic.  We've now tested it on several PCs and have had consistent problems with getting AdAware 10 to update and scan properly. (PS  AdAware 10 is working well and consistently on Windows 7 systems, AdAware 9.x still updates and works fine on Win XP.)

  2. ADAWARE ACTIVATION?  - To use AdAware 10 (Again we recommend only on Windows 7) you'll need to go though a 30-day full version trial and then submit your E-mail address to receive back a FREE activation code.  Note that the FREE version is more than sufficient if you are using other AntiVirus software

  3. NEED SPACE? - We recently had that question put to us once again and this time we took that cue as an opportunity to formalize the answer into a short eBay guide titled  'Out of Disk Space?'.

  4. iPAD STAMPEDE? - Lots of our 2SS.Com clients and friends are figuring out as we have that it's hard to resist having a viable computer with you whenever you want for $500 to $700 with WiFi and $630 to $830 with a broadband subscription too!  (Hint:  Get it at Walmart with a special productivity bundle included, or from Apple engraved free.)

  5. iPAD REALLY? - Yes at 2SS.Com we've been tracking our customers and friends as well as the development of iPad apps.  The growing array of functionality and choices is amazing.

  6. MAKING AN iPAD PRODUCTIVE?  Watch for our soon to be released  iPad / iPhone updates to www.StdInstall.Com.  We'll show you recommendations in 17 business productivity categories aimed at making computers, iPads, Android phones, etc. ready to keep you safe and productive!

  7. ARE YOU SAFE? - Did you miss our recent newsletter 'A Safe Computing Special!' - Now it's available with a bit more 'how-to' detail in an eBay Guide titled "FREE, Effective, and Nearly Automatic PC Protection".

  8. LITTLE DEVICE & BIG SCREEN...- It's coming, something called Mobil DisplayPort or MDP promises to allow your phone, tablet, iPad, etc. to plug in and drive a large display or monitor.  It could be an important link in obsolescing your 'desk-top' or 'lap-top' in favor of an 'in-pocket' device.  To read more see "MyDP could transform mobile devices into replacement PC"

  9. INTERESTING: YES!, BIAS: MAYBE? - A recent provocative article titled "Why Windows 8 tablets won't threaten the iPad (or Android)" is an interesting read that identifies challenges and limitations, particularly with MS Office, that may keep Microsoft from the BIG short term win it seeks in lining up operating systems (Windows 8) and applications (Office 2013) with an array of devices ranging from phones & tablets to desktops & servers.

  10. NOTARIZE DOCUMENTS? - A hard fought dream, made into reality.  If your business needs notarized documents we encourage you to learn about SignNow and notarizing documents from anywhere.  (Note the link at bottom titled "How we disrupted an entire Industry")

  11. PERSONAL CLOUD?  - Gartner (A well-know IT industry research firm.) predicts "Consumer cloud services that allow users to store, synch, stream and share content over the Internet will be integrated into 90% of consumer devices by 2015."

Guides aim to let you...Help Yourself NOW!

eBay Guides

Authored by 2SS.Com (a.k.a. 2ITGuy or About Me) on eBay our 50+ step-by-step Guides on popular topics and typical PC problems: (Four of our favorites are shown Large & Bold below.):

64-bit PC?, Apple vs. PC, BIG Screen LCD as PC Monitor?, Drives, Hubs-Switches-&-Routers, KVM Switches, Sonicwall firewall, Supercomputers, Virtual PBXs,

80+ SystemWorks 2006-2009, Access Database Corruptions, Briefcase, Copying User Profiles, Cut-Copy-&-Paste, Default Windows Printer (how to set), FREE, Effective, and Nearly Automatic PC Protection, E-mail troubleshooting, Installing Software, Microsoft Updates-Blocking & Removing, Microsoft Word - Calculate, 'NFR' (Not For Resale), Norton System Doctor, OE to Outlook, Outlook Archive files, Outlook (E-mail) BackUp, Outlook too many messages, pc AnyWhere on Win 2003, pc AnyWhere 12 - Upgrading, Peer-to-peer Networks, Quicken, SPAM (how to cope), Vista StartUp programs, Viruses-Spyware-&-Bots, Syncing Smart-phone E-mail, Why use Outlook, Windows Briefcase, Windows Small Business Server 3000, Windows Vista and calming it down, Windows 7 and Office 2007/2010 Your WAY, Windows 'Send To' command, Windows XP - Renamed, Windows XP End-of-sales, Win XP SP3,

Other Computer and eBay-related:
Backup, Defragmentation, eBay Buyers - A hint for getting organized, Entry level copy machines, FAXing from a PC, Firewalls, Internet Connection Speeds, Internet Phone Services, Legacy Computer, OnLine BackUp, Out of Disk Space?, Privacy, Writing Guides & Reputation Building



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