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'NFR' or Not For Resale Software
The What, Why & How?


Recently we've begun to see more and more 'NFR' (Not for Resale) software showing up on eBay. 


Since we acquire software to again resell to our client's, this is a particularly significant concern for us.  We want our clients to have legitimate copies of software that carry with them the ability to contact a software manufacturer as a legal owner. 

The reason software manufacturers use NFR software is simply to get their resellers and solution providers to give it a try.  Many popular software vendors including Microsoft, Symantec, and more have programs to make NFR software available for precisely this purpose. We also prefer to remain honest and NOT jeopardize our status on eBay.


The relevant eBay policy at eBay Help - Beta Software is one that we've had to use and quote in response to sellers who list their software for sale but don't mention that it's labeled 'NFR'. (Note:  The eBay policy refers to: 'beta software', 'test software' and 'evaluation software', NFR software is understood in the industry as being for testing and evaluation).  In each case where we unknowingly acquired NFR software, quoting the policy has lead sellers to quick refunds, and an adequate resolution.

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