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Symantec ThreatCon

As a Symantec Partner we're pleased to provide here their continuously updated 'ThreatCon' (e.g. threat condition) tool summarizing reports from Symantec's installations world-wide to provide status on current Internet operating conditions and threats.  Click on the 'ThreatCon' tool's tabs and scrollers below to see assessed threat levels geographically, historically, etc. as well as many of the specific threats that are being coped with by Internet users who are NOT protected!

Symantec's ThreatCon tool (See our always-updated LIVE COPY at the bottom of the page here). 

As we write it's at level 1 noting:  "Microsoft has released their scheduled security advisories for May 2012."

A SAFE Computing Special!

Do you remember when AntiVirus software was enough?

Many of our 2SS.Com clients are using AdAware from Lavasoft in conjunction with other virus and spyware protection software from Norton or Microsoft.  They make a good 'protection and recovery' combination that help insure safe computing at home or at work.

  • Start with high quality AntiVirus protection that includes features like automatic daily updates to virus signatures, automatic checking of every file (sometimes called 'Auto-Protect'), and periodic automatic scanning of all files just in case.  At 2SS.Com we like Norton AntiVirus and Microsoft Security Essentials because they do most of the work for you automatically and well!

  • Next we routinely recommend and use Lavasoft's AdAware software to complement the AntiVirus choice. Good AntiVirus software includes Anti-Spyware but it's not too aggressive.  It gets the really threatening stuff, but leaves a host of minor spyware behind to slow things down that AdAware is great at finding and removing.  It also keeps it's definitions file updated automatically and in some situations can be reliably scheduled to do full systems scans automatically. (More on AdAware's new version 10 below)

  • And, now we're recommending an addition to the 'SAFE Computing' picture with ThreatFire.  This software we currently recommend for Windows XP and 7 systems that have at least four or preferably 8 GB of RAM and that can handle a third protection tool with little strain. ThreatFire is top-rated and FREE software designed to complement 'in-place' AntiVirus software.  It uses predictive analysis to identify bad behavior rather than relying a constant stream of virus signatures and spyware definitions to do it's work.  The result is what's called 'zero-day protection' that is more-and-more important to provide complete protection.

    There are links to ThreatFire below-left if you want to try it, but please don't hesitate to check in with us if you have any questions?

A SPECIAL NOTE on AdAware 10:
New owners have acquired and rather radically updated the new AdAware version 10.  In our testing it still appears to be great software but we’ve not ironed out enough of the new kinks to recommend the upgrade (We do have it on a Windows XP test PC and we’ve begun to routinely install version 10 on Windows 7 systems).  But, there’s no pressing reason to upgrade because most folks are using it to supplement finding and removing spyware.  Norton AntiVirus, Microsoft Security Essentials and others, remain as the PRIMARY protection program and they are looking for viruses and major spyware already.  Finally the older versions of AdAware are still updating and still performing their function.  So there's no hurry to upgrade and some time will be involved in the remove and re-install process.

SAFE Computing LINKS & More...

  1. NORTON SYSTEMWORKS WITH ANTIVIRUS?  CALL US! - We try to keep several copies around to help clients update for about $35.00, rather than using the Symantec automated renewal website with pricing of at least $49.99   If your virus subscription is running out we can often help you renew it in just a couple minutes via remote support.  For many of our 2SS.Com clients we're sure that this $35 software is cheaper than FREE choices like the one just below...  (Please ask us why?)
  2. FREE ANTIVIRUS?  Microsoft Security EssentialsWindows Security Essentials is capable antivirus software providing all the needed features including continuous monitoring of all the files on your computer, automatic updates of virus signatures and periodic 'off-hours' full scans of all your files.  If you have a PC with no virus protection there's NO EXCUSE, all you need is a legitimate copy of Windows and an Internet connection to download, install and begin to use this software. (To download Windows Security Essentials click here.)
  3. SPYWARE? Don't forget to add an 'extra' spyware checker, we routinely recommend AdAware  from Lavasoft.  (To download AdAware 10 click here)

    PS:     Have AdAware version 9 (See left) No need yet to upgrade to version 10 (See right) unless you're eager to do so.  Note the Version 10 is a BIG change and will also require you to navigate a non-optional but free 30-day trial of their antivirus software.

  4. THREATFIRE?   Zero-day malware protection software designed to complement already in-place AntiVirus software.  Threatfire uses predictive analysis to identify programs with 'bad behavior' and block them.  (To download Threatfire click here.)



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