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Acquisition Services for Hardware & Software

Network and PC Acquisitions & Upgrades 
Using Dell
Computers as our preferred vendor we acquire PCs, Servers, Notebooks, etc. for our clients often obtaining discounts and special pricing as a Dell Registered PartnerDirect (new logo at top right) reseller that are not available to them alone. 

We also make acquisitions through major resellers such as Tech Data® and Bell Micro, and we have a well established reputation (user name 2ITGuy or About Me) on eBay® in addition to PayPal Verified status.  In every case our first interest in obtaining reliable and cost-effective systems, peripherals, software, etc. that works.   2SS.Com is proud to be certified with leading IT vendors that include APC (Authorized Reliability Provider), Dell (Registered Partner), Intuit (Pro Advisor), Microsoft (Small Business Specialist & Registered Partner No. 1129909), OnTrack (3188264), Sonicwall (1-167446561) and Symantec (PartnerNet) to name a few.

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Apple vs. PC, Backup, Cut-Copy-&-Paste, Default Windows Printer (how to set), Defragmentation, Drives, Entry level copy machines, E-mail troubleshooting, FAXing from a PC, Firewalls, Hubs-Switches-&-Routers, Internet Phone Services, Installing Software, KVM, Switches, Outlook Archive files, Peer-to-peer Networks, Privacy, Quicken, SPAM (how to cope), Supercomputers, Virtual PBXs, Viruses-Spyware-&-Bots, Windows Briefcase, Windows Vista and calming it down,

Office '07 & Win 7
with XP & '03 Productivity

Windows 7 is a very usable product that more and more folks will find themselves using as they buy retail computers, and as workplaces make the leap.  However, many including most 2SS.Com clients are holding off.  Similarly Office 2007 and recently Office 2010 are increasingly prevalent.

At 2SS.Com our frank opinion is that there was arrogance in presuming that users would just give up their current expertise and learn the new environments.  And more than arrogance there still aren't many compelling reasons to switch.  The new 'killer application' or 'productivity boost' just isn't there!

To us this means that already productive users should be enabled to make the switch at their own pace, and we're very pleased to see that the marketplace and developer community are closing the gap.

Be productive in Win 7 7 & Office 7/10 now!  (Click here)

Today when 2SS.Com delivers new systems with these tools we configure them with add-ins that make the old menus and commands available so users can try the new commands at their convenience without compromising productivity.  Here's a quick run-down on the specifics:

  • Windows XP, Vista, & 7 all have 'Classic' customization settings you can implement with a few mouse clicks (Click here to see snapshots with links and step-by-step instructions)

  • Windows 7 ships without the familiar 'Classic' menu but can download and install it FREE (here)

  • Office 2007 and 2010 expect us to lean and use new menu commands, but you can download and install the familiar 2003 menu commands FREE (here.and see the resulting menu tab here).

So it's possible to have Windows 7 and Office 2007/10 on your terms, stay productive, and learn the new features as time permits...

...and, at 2SS.Com that's the way we like it!

Making productivity the priority!

These links are offered to help improve your productivity:

  1. CRITICAL Update for Windows XP...Many of you will already have it processed and working, but in case you don't yet, or you'd like to check, here's the What, Why and How: 
    What:  A CRITICAL update for all versions Windows XP
      To prevent an attacker who successfully exploits this vulnerability.  It  which could allow remote code execution if the icon of a specially crafted shortcut is displayed.  The attached could gain the same user rights as the local user.
    By processing normal Microsoft updates (e.g. inside Internet Explorer choose [Tools] and [Windows Update]If no updates are available you're probably covered!  You can verify this or any update by clicking at left [Review your update history] and looking for this entry for your version: "Security Update for Windows XP (KB2286198) (ç Click for more Microsoft knowledge base article) dated 8-4-10 or later

  2. "Your PC's Stuff Anywhere" - (Last Month' E-News) Can help you have many of your files, links and applications available to you anywhere you can access the Internet.  If you're ready now Contact us to ask about helping you create a virtual PC for yourself similar to our demonstration website at www.2VPC.Com.  We'll build a desktop like the one you're familiar with, and that you can access anywhere just by typing 2VPC.Com/YourName into any browser anywhere.

  3. Will XP go Away soon? - On the eve of Microsoft pulling the 2011 plug on support for Windows XP Service Pack (SP) 2, company officials announced they are extending downgrade rights to Widows XP through January 15, 2015....(To read more click here.)

  4. Who's using XP? - According to new data revealed by Microsoft, the enterprise upgrade to Windows 7 does not have much momentum so far in 2010.  They note 74% of work PCs still run XP, and they're 4.4 years old. (To read more click here.)

  5. What Password? - In a recent analysis of 50,000 passwords, the most popular passwords were in order: 1=123456, 2=12345, 3=123456789, 4=password, 5-=iloveyouIs your password 'strong' enough?


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2SS.Com is proud to be certified with leading IT vendors that include APC (Authorized Reliability Provider), Dell (Registered Partner), Intuit (Certified Pro Advisor), Microsoft (Small Business Specialist), OnTrack and Symantec (PartnerNet) to name a few.

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