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Fee Schedule

 1.      Hourly Consulting Services:     $149.00 to 179.00 Hour
We are occasionally available to do short term or small project work at our standard
          hourly rate.

 2.      Fixed Price Projects:     We are pleased to provide proposals, quotes and/or estimates on a case-by-case basis to  clients who prefer a fixed-price.

 3.      Long Term Clients:     Our most favorable hourly rates (as little as $149 per hour) are available to clients with continuing support needs and a willingness to make a long-term commitment.

Key elements of our support ethic for fixed-price and long-term clients include:


A 4-hour response (Our reputation is to respond within minutes.)


Acquisition services making available 2SS.Com buying power and expertise with a guaranteed maximum markup of only 10%. (All acquisitions are payable on delivery).  We DO NOT make any additional mark-ups or accept commissions for the sale of systems, software or equipment. Our primary focus and source of compensation are hourly fees working as your consultants. As a result, one important benefit of our service is that you receive the best pricing we can obtain on high quality and high value technology. And you have us as a resource to insure it is successfully implemented and maintained


Access to all the resources your project or operations require, including formal and informal training, PC repair and maintenance, Internet connectivity, World-Wide-Web authoring, custom system development, network installation & maintenance, and more...

*All support services are invoiced to the nearest quarter-of-an-hour and include one-way travel time to your location for pre-authorized on-site visits.  A two hour minimum is applicable whenever we visit your location at your request, and a 25% premium will apply to work scheduled before 8:00 a.m., or after 7:00 p.m. or on weekends and national holidays at your request.

Invoices not paid according to our credit policy (typically net-30) will be subject to a finance charge of 10% (APR) effective 30 days after the date of our invoice.  As a matter of policy all hardware and software acquisitions are immediately due and payable on delivery.

Meeting participation and proposal preparation, are billed with your pre-approval and at the discretion of the involved analyst.  (Our standard fee for new client proposals is $200)


This fee schedule and these policies are subject to change at any time.


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