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.Acquisition Services for
Hardware and Software

Using Dell™ Computers as our preferred vendor we acquire PCs, Servers, Notebooks, etc. for our clients often obtaining discounts and special pricing as a Dell™ Registered Partner reseller, that are not available to them alone. We also make acquisitions through major resellers such as Tech Data® and Bell Micro, and we have a well established reputation (user name 2ITGuy) on eBay® in addition to PayPal Verified status.

In every case our first interest in obtaining reliable and cost-effective systems, peripherals, software, etc. that works. 2SS.Com is proud to be certified with leading IT vendors that include APC (Authorized Reliability Provider), Comcast (Authorized Connector), Dell (Registered Partner), HP Partner (10224086), Intuit (QuickBooks Pro Advisor), Microsoft (Small Business Specialist & Registered Partner No. 1129909), Mozy online backup, OnTrack (3188264), Sonicwall (1-167446561) and Symantec (PartnerNet) to name a few.

We offer a comprehensive services approach aimed at allowing us to take the most strategic view of your organization.  If you need immediate help click here

What about  Win 10?

Who?  Users of Windows-based PCs and other supported devices. (More?)

What's New? A new [Start Menu], Apps that run from the desktop, Cortana (think 'Apple's Siri' but for Windows), A new action center, A new tablet mode, The 'Edge' Internet browser and more... (More?)

When? Starting  this July 29 with test versions already available for months. BUT... 2SS.Com's unsurprising recommendation is to wait. Probably till at least Nov.-Dec. 2015 to see that the new operating sys. is stable and useful, (More?).

How Much? FREE upgrade from Win 7 or Win 8.1 to a similar version (e.g. 'Home' or 'Pro') for the "...supported lifetime of the device." (More?) .  But new PC users will still be expected to pay (More?) and they an get Windows 10 via download, on a USB flash drive, or DVD (More?)

Why 10 rather than 9? Microsoft has not been clear but one logical explanation is that '10' is a 'nicer sounding' number to mark what may be a switch to a long-term and continually updated  operating system. (More?)

More about Win 10?

References for the article at top-right include:

Do you see this 'window' icon in the lower-right corner of your PC.  It's being called by the technology industry Microsoft's "Windows 10 Nag Campaign" to 'nag' you into scheduling a Windows 10 download and upgrade.  Of course that may not be the best result for you and having everyone at your business individually download and install the new operating system is a ridiculous waste of time and resources.

We hope you plan any Windows 10 upgrades to be on 'your terms' and very likely with our help.  In the mean-time you can turn off the 'nag' window icon by removing and then hiding the Microsoft update labeled "Windows KB3035583" which we have already done on many client PCs.


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2SS.Com is proud to be certified with leading IT vendors that include APC (Registered Partner),  Citrix GoToMyPC Pro, Dell (Registered Partner),
(Certified Pro Advisor), Microsoft (Small Business Specialist), Mozy Reseller, Ninite (Software update subscriber), OnTrack, and Symantec (PartnerNet) to name a few.

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