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StdInstall for PC Features

Following are many of the steps included in a standard 2SS.Com PC installation and which we borrow from in our routine tune-up procedures.

Visit to see almost everything we do on each new PC including:

  • Windows 7, Vista,  XP or 2000 are updated with all recent service packs as well as security, application and performance patches and fixes. (And è more)

  • If appropriate purchased software packages are installed, updated and configured for your use including (And è more)

  • And, based on your needs we will selectively install many of: (And è more)

  •  New root level folders are established and used for various purposes including: (Andè more)

  • Internet Explorer Favorites are initialized with our 2SS.Com standard folders and if appropriate, we’ve transferred Internet browser 'Favorites' or 'Bookmarks' along with 'My Documents' and 'Desktop' contents from a former PC to the newer one. (And è more)

  • Standard 2SS.Com customizations are applied to systems including the: (And è more)

  • New PCs are completely scanned with Norton’s WinDoctor or CC Cleaner to identify and remove various system and registry errors (Often 150 to 500 or more) that are typical of a new PC or one being scanned for the first time. (And è more)

  • The PC is finally optimized via defragmentation (If needed what we call 'deep' or repeated defragmentation runs) of its hard disk occasionally using opposing defragmentation tools. (And è more)

StdInstall.Com Part #1

StdInstall.Com is our new website to take aim at productivity... YOURS!

Increasingly the 'apps'
(We used to say software, applications or even productivity tools)  we choose are an essential part of making computers and devices useful.  As the list of choices grows exponentially we've continued to help folks navigate by very selectively monitoring what's available compared to what we know from experience folks really need.  For years many of our 2SS.Com clients have heard us refer to our '2SS.Com StdInstall' or the 'CompanyName Std Install' we've uniquely developed for them.   It's just the simple the list of 'must-have' applications and how to install them all for any of the computers at their company.

Philosophically the idea is that any computing device should be ready on it's 'first day' of service to help it's user stay safe, print PDF documents, manage and find pictures, share files, bookmarks and favorites, help us manage if the device gets lost or stolen, and much more.  But the list of what's available, and more particularly what's available and useful, can be overwhelming!  And all that is before acquiring and installing the specialized and higher-priced software (e.g. GoldMine, AutoCAD, or Adobe Creative Suite, and more) that for some is an essential part of the 'Std Install for their job'.

StdInstall.Com is our BIGgest attempt yet to take aim at that productivity category-by-category.  To identify the often free or low cost applications and the reasons for using them in one place with all the download and support links that anyone might need.  StdInstall.Com also includes a number of hints to help insure that the 'YourName Std Install' places you as near as possible to that 'first day' objective.

So we're pleased to announce Part #1 of StdInstall.Com aimed at Windows PCs.  We anticipate adding categories that will come to include iPads and Android phones (we actually have a good start on these!) as well as Macintosh and maybe others?  And, if you visit you'll see that we've already addressed recommendations for Windows XP and Windows 7 along with notes on Windows Vista.


We encourage you to visit StdInstall.Com routinely, but especially when you get a new computing device...

...Our intention is to make the 'first day' of using
that device one that has you ready to be productive!

What's your StdInstall?

    In their own words "Ninite is The Easiest, Fastest Way to Update or Install Software", and they're right!  After months on using the software experimentally we subscribed early this year on behalf of all our 2SS.Com clients.  And since then, we've never looked back. 

    Most of our clients will now find the new choice on your custom support menu at [Start]
    è [(Your Co. Name) Favorites] è [Ninite-UPDATE Free software]. Clicking on it may trigger an authorization request, but then it immediately begins a check of the software titles being tracked on your PC and the processing of any relevant updates.  No reminders, No ads, No toolbars, and No waiting for un-expected choices.  Just those 2 or 3 clicks, Ninite runs to completion and your software is up-to-date!  The Ninite application and website combine very effectively to install much of our recommended StdInstall software.  If you don't have Ninite working for you contact us or visit yourself at www.Ninite.Com.
    In our last issue we highlighted solutions used by many of our 2SS.Com clients including Symantec's Norton System Works with Norton AntiVirus or Norton 360, Microsoft's Security Essentials, Lavasoft's AdAware, and with some restrain on older systems PCTools ThreatFire.                                       
    At StdInstall.Com we have recommend 14 programs and 5 browser add-ins excluding Ninite.  You can install all but 6 of these IN ONE STEP by downloading our install file (Click è here) or by selecting them and other titles at www.Ninite.Com.

    Then you can use the resulting install file again-and-again to find and install updates to the selected programs. ('Mozy Home' and 'Dropbox' can be included with Ninite but you will loose our referral and an extra
    0.3 GB of space at Mozy [click è here] and 0.5 GB at Dropbox [click è here])


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