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Standard PC Installation Features

Following are many of the steps included in a standard 2SS.Com PC installation and which we borrow from in our routine tune-up procedures.

Visit our 2SS.Com 'Standard PC Installation" page at:  http://www.2ss.com/StandardInstall.htm

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In Search of a Faster PC

Do they tempt you?  "Bring back that fresh "NEW" PC feeling!", "PC Speed Help", "DoubleMySpeed.Com +++ Need to fix your PC? ", "Update Notice For Your Computer", "Get Immediate Computer Help" and more and more and more!  Speeding up your older PC has become BIG business for companies willing to pay for advertising on TV, in magazines and of course on the Internet.  But what do they really offer?

'NOT MUCH' compared to what most PC users already have! 

What these software packages do in essence is to try to automate, and 'too rarely' make easier, the same routine and 'good-sense' maintenance you can do with tools that you probably have!  Here in priority order is a list of what will give most any PC the biggest 'speed-up-BANG' for your investment in 'maintenance time-&-BUCKS!'

  1. Invest in more RAM (e.g. memory).  RAM has gotten cheaper and cheaper in recent years.  If you can overcome the effort of finding compatible RAM, get 4 MB for Windows XP or as much under that as your PC can accept. (More than 4 MB can be useful for Windows 7, but not for Windows XP.  Major vendors like HP, Dell, Gateway, etc. have tools on their websites to help you find the correct RAM.)

  2. Keep you system defragmented.  It's a 'routine' task that may wear on you, but it works! (See our guide titled "Defragmentation-The What, Why & How?".)

  3. Keep your system updated.  Microsoft routinely (Most every week!) provides updates to it's products and in general your PC will certainly be safer and maybe a bit faster if you apply them.

  4. Make sure you PC is routinely checked for viruses and spyware.  Either can dramatically affect your PC's performance and now FREE tools (see 'Links to a Faster PC' below) can be set-up to automatically keep you updated and protected.

  5. Routinely check (maybe monthly or weekly) your PC for system and registry errors.  If you want the best speed possible regularly remove the 'normal' errors that develop on your system from moving files, processing updates, installing new software and more.  Many 2SS.Com clients have the Norton WinDoctor tool to do this.  A FREE alternative for folks without Norton SystemWorks is CC Cleaner.


  1. Automatic DEFRAGMENTATION? If you appreciate the value of keeping your hard disk defragmented and want to automate the task we have used Executive Software's Diskkeeper with consistent success.  With a little persistence we can usually find Windows XP compatible versions (9.0 or later) on eBay for under $40.00.  Once installed selecting their built-in 'set-it-and-forget-it' feature practically ends the need to monitor disk defragmentation.  It just works! 
  2. Microsoft UPDATE.  Check your PC by visiting the 'Microsoft Update' page.
  3. ANTIVIRUS?  Microsoft Security EssentialsWindows Security Essentials is capable antivirus oftware providing all the needed features including continuous monitoring of all the files on your computer, automatic updates of virus signatures and periodic 'off-hours' full scans of all your files.  If you have a PC with no virus protection there's NO EXCUSE, all you need is a legitimate copy of Windows and an Internet connection to download, install and begin to use this software. (To download Windows Security Essentials click here.)
  4. SPYWARE? And don't forget to add an 'extra' spyware checker, we routinely recommend AdAware  from LavaSoft.  (click here)

    PS     We don't prefer AdAware version 9.  You can click [About] in the lower right of the screen to see if, like us, you still have version 8.

  5. Norton AntiVirus  Update?  CALL US! - We try to keep several copies around to help clients update for about $35.00, rather than using the Symantec automated renewal website with pricing of at least $49.99   If your virus subscription is running out we can often help you renew it in just a couple minutes via remote support.


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