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Support for Hardware & Telecommunications


PC Hardware and Software
We are pleased to offer our customers 'best pricing' on all hardware and software purchases.  We always use only a standard 10% mark-up to insure any items bought through 2SS.Com are a good value for you, high quality, able to be implemented and come with appropriate assurances that defects will be repaired and problems resolved.

Local and Wide-Area Networks & Components
2SS.Com acquires and installs local and wide-are network components to construct and upgrade our client's networks with components like network servers, hubs or switches, firewalls, printers, and Internet connectivity via T1, DSL, etc.

Upgrades of Hardware and Software
We maintain a unique set of expertise for old and the new technologies.  2SS.Com and it's 'partner firms' can often save you money by implementing solutions without upgrades, or if appropriate by insuring you get the upgrade for the best pricing available.  We routinely improve the operation of older PCs using our 2SS.Com 'Standard Install' approach to completing tune-ups.

Apple vs. Google

(The powered 'Phone War' )

1.    Symbian phone operating system ('OS') used by #1 phone maker Nonkia (*203 MM handsets 39%)
Android OS (*76.0 MM handsets 14.5%)
iPhone OS (*71.5 MM handsets 13.7%)
4.    Windows Mobile OS (*66.8 MM handsets 12.8%), and
5.    BlackBerry OS (*65.2 MM handsets 12.5%)

*  Gartner group estimates for 2012 market share.  (92 % of the market for these top five!)

The reason is momentum, and Android has it thanks to...

  • Powerful Backing from Google - it's a major target for Google's cloud computing services.
  • Rapid Improvement - A recent (e.g. 1.5) upgrade was well-received by users who received it via the Internet.
  • Open Source - The OS code is available, so developers are eager to support it with their own applications
  • Ability to runs on many phones - This will accelerate it's growth.  Already Motorola and Samsung are using Android on their respective smart-phones and other manufacturers are lining up!
  • Best functionality? - Maybe so with its unique combination of iPhone-like menus and apps, Windows Mobile-like icons, and Palm-like multitasking.

So as you get ready for your next smart-phone don't automatically assume, as we have in recent months, that it's likely to be an iPhone.  There's an Android powered 'Phone War' about to break out!

For more information see Computerworld's article "" or a summary of The Gartner Group's actual research and report "Forecast: Smartphones By Operating System, Interface and End User Segment, Worldwide, 2006-2012"

Quick Notes & For Sale from 2SS.Com

  1. AT&T WARNS:  We have recently noticed an increase in the number of "phishing" emails being reported among both our members and other Internet services. These emails attempt to obtain your personal or account information by falsely posing as a reputable company, such as AT&T, and ask you to reply by verifying your account information. As general policy, we do not ask members to supply or verify Member ID and/or password information in email communications. Should you receive a request to provide this information by replying to an email, do NOT reply to it and do NOT provide your account information or password.

    If you have any doubt of a message's authenticity, you can forward the email to [email protected]
     (Of course other providers have their own SPAM reporting policies, and some may provide forwarding addresses like this one for AT&T users.)
  2. FOR SALE a NEW Dell 23" FLAT PANEL - We have an extra widescreen :LCD that lists with Dell for $209 and that was acquired by accident (See monitor details at: http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/products/Displays/productdetail.aspx?c=us&l=en&cs=19&sku=320-8325) . We'd be pleased to sell it for $149.00 (OBO) and will deliver and even set-it-up FREE in the Sacramento area.

  3. NORTON ANTIVIRUS  UPDATE?  CALL US! - We try to keep several copies around to help clients update for about $35.00, rather than using the Symantec automated renewal website with pricing of at least $49.99   If your virus subscription is running out we can often help you renew it in just a couple minutes via remote support.
  4. OPTICAL STORAGE DEAD? with the recent advancements in removable storage for backup and file transfer, the 'standards' for media are changing to catch up.  RAM or Thumb drives (a.k.a. memory sticks) have quickly replaced 1.44 GB floppies, and USB connected hard disks are getting cheaper too fast for CDs, DVDs, or even the more recent 'Blue-Ray' disks to keep up.  These formats will be around for some time, but their 'hay day' is past in the wake of a 1 TB (1,000 MB) Western Digital (and many other brands too!) USB drive for around $115.  In different terms consider just 4.7 to 8.5 GB for DVD's (see our guide comparing drives ) or about 117 of the largest (8.5 GB) DVD's on a single 1 TB drive.
  5. VIRUSES WARNING, TRUE or HOAX - You can generally verify the creditability of a Virus warning by doing a Google search on its  name (e.g. “Postcard From Hallmark”, "Budweiser Frogs" and "Life is beautiful" are just a few).  A typical result would be from the www.About.Com website which is a very creditable source of information.  (And since viruses typically DON'T come with a warning, you should start by being skeptical!)


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