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Network and PC Tune-Up, Maintenance and Repair 
Getting lots of life out of old computers is something of a specialty at 2SS.Com.  We're aided by years of experience, and extensive company library of software dating from Windows 3.11 and a substantial pro-bono experience at salvaging old computers for re-use.  2SS.Com maintains what we call a 'Standard Install (*)' for every version of windows from Windows 95 forward.

(*) A 2SS.Com Standard install includes the operating system, relevant version of office, various other software (ACT, Quicken®, Acrobat®,  PDF reDirect, Symantec SystemWorks, etc.) as well as 20 to 50 customizations carefully selected and assembled to optimize our client's use of each PC it's implemented on.

As a cost-effective maintenance strategy for several clients, we occasionally use disk imaging technology to maintain,  'standard install' images of complete installations.


What is a Standard Install?

A standard install is just one more way that we strive for 'value-added' in everything we do.  Our philosophy is that a PC is not as valuable if it can't perform a variety of basic functions, and if the software to make it more-and-more productive is not already in place the first time we deliver it! 

So we routinely follow a well-defined regiment for new PC installations and comprehensive PC tune-ups that's described in some detail at: http://www.2ss.com/StandardInstall.htm.

The result is that we work to make sure that every PC we deliver can:

  • Access and read '.PDF' (e.g. portable document format) files using Acrobat Reader.

  • Create '.PDF' files using software like Adobe Acrobat Professional or PDF reDirect.

  • Open, access and allow use of compressed files, as well as allow for creating a compressed folder of files using a tool like WinZip, PKZip, etc. (A compressed folder is handy for E-mailing a group of files.)

  • Access and use our own custom 'Right-Click' menu list of 'Send To' selections.

  • Use and be customized with Microsoft's 'PowerToys for Windows XP'.

  • Access quickly an 'Explorer at My Computer' window from the [Start] menu.

  • Deliver quick access to Computer Management, System Logs and '2SS.Com - Get Help Now' remote support from a custom '2SS.Com Favorites' menu available at the top of the [Start] menu.

In addition we customize every installation of Microsoft office to display a full list of files (9 not 4) on the [Open] menu in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, display 'file close' icons in Word and Excel, make available an envelope print button in Word, and much more...

There are many more items on the list (Office software updates, Windows XP settings, SystemWorks settings, etc.) but we suspect you get the idea!  We want every PC we deliver to be a highly-productive tool that you can keep growing into as you become more and more proficient with it.

If this doesn't describe your PC let us know?  Many of these updates can be made on-site or even at your request via a remote support session.

Links to help you update your 'Standard Install'.

  1. Need Symantec SystemWorks 2008?  Download it (click èhere) for a file that's ready to install on your PC.  You'll get 15 days free with the download, and you can purchase a one-year subscription for $49.99.  Would you like to save $15 or so?  Contract us to see if we can help you get a cheaper update...
  2. The best way to get Adobe Acrobat Reader is with several other software tools See full size imageyou may wish to have in the 'Google Pack'.  You use the link that follows to start your selections, download and install (click èhere)
    PS  Check our the Google Photos Screen Saver.
  3. PDF rePDF reDirect (The alternative to PDF995 and CutePDF)Direct is a FREE tool that lets you use any program that can print, to print into a new PDF file.  Just download and install (click èhere).  Then you can choose PDF reDirect like as another printer.  Using it let's you name and store your PDF files, and then attach them to E-mail messages, etc.
  4. WinZip is popular software to compress and de-compress files with the widely used '.Zip' extension.  A FREE trial version of the software is available to download and install, (click èhere).

  5. And don't forget to add another Spyware checker, we routinely use AdAware Anniversary Edition from LavaSoft.  (click èhere)


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