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Why is trust so important at 2SS.Com?

We routinely find ourselves making recommendations to, and decisions on behalf of, clients that are not easy or sometimes even possible to 'un-do'.  And routinely the economics of a particular need make a second opinion or alternate approach just too expensive.  In every case we work to earn your trust and protect your investment in our services by dong everything we can to insure a successful outcome.

What are some typical examples?

In the rebuilding of PCs - We know that you can't afford to have us spend 2, 3 or more hours researching and resolving a unique problem.  So after 60 to 90 minutes we make a decision about progress worth pursuing, alternate resources, or on occasion a complete rebuild.  The simple logic is that we can't afford to spend 3 or 4 hours hoping to solve on a problem, if we could completely eliminate it in a 5+ hour rebuild.

In acquiring PCs and Components - We know the 'extra' support we get by acquiring Dell equipment can't compare to standing in line for service at Fry's or trying to work with a vendor that does not have both web and local service capabilities we're familiar with.  Our Dell bias is not for PCs that get purchased and run OK for years, it's for the PCs that don't!

How does 2SS.Com work to build up trust?

1.                  We offer support by phone and by E-mail for typically little or no charge

2.                  We have authored and posted a number of self-help resources (See http://www.2ss.com/eBay%20Guides.htm) , newsletters
(See http://www.2ss.com/E-News.htm), etc that detail our developing expertise and willingness to offer 'cost-effective' or even 'no-cost' solutions.

3.                  We have availed ourselves of a third-party evaluator, through Microsoft, to survey clients and empirically calculate our Customer Satisfaction ratings.
(See http://www.2ss.com/MS%20Survey%20Results.htm)

4.                  We have routinely and unilaterally posted CREDITS to invoices that take into account work completed that was later determined to be not productive, work that was required due to circumstances beyond our client’s control, or even work that is simply creating a total investment that does not make sense for the situation.

5.                  We acquire hardware and software at our best prices and make it all available to clients with just a 10% mark-up.
(See http://www.2ss.com/sAcqui.htm)

6.                  We maintain vendor certifications that clients can accept as an independent assessment of our expertise.
(See http://www.2ss.com/SkillSummary.htm).

7.                  We post our extensive client experience and current references for anyone to see and verify.
(See http://www.2ss.com/ClientHistory.htm and http://www.2ss.com/References.htm)

8.                  We maintain relationships with local ‘partner firms’ that help to add value to our services
(See: http://www.2ss.com/PartnerFirms.htm)

9.                  We keep focused on effectively serving clients and building our reputation in every situation.  Our reputation and the opportunity to provide our services are always more important than any fees.

Quick Items of interest...

  1. WARNING Acrobat & Reader...  There is a known problem which Adobe has acknowledged as follows:
    This is an update on the Adobe Reader and Acrobat issue (CVE-2009-0658) discussed in Security Advisory APSA09-01. As mentioned previously, Adobe currently plans to make available an update for Adobe Reader 9 and Acrobat 9 by March 11th. In addition, Adobe is also planning to make updates available for Adobe Reader 7 and 8, and Acrobat 7 and 8, by March 18th." (Click here to see the Adobe announcement.)  Immediately what you can do is to be careful to open ONLY PDF files that you know are safe.
  2. 1 more time; 1 spyware checker is NOT enough...  We value the spyware checking build into Norton AntiVirus.  It helps insure that every automated update of virus signatures and automated run of virus checking also finds and resolved dangerous spyware.  But 'not-so-dangerous' spyware is eventually a problem too!  That's why we recommend you use a second spyware tool at least once a month.  A good choice that's also free is AdAware's Anniversary Edition (replaces 2008 version) spyware checker from Lavasoft (Click Here to download)
  3. AdAware Anniversary Edition Upgrade?  As we said last month, it's 'OK' to upgrade to this new version, but be careful...  The download at Lavasoft is organized to encourage you to buy their update which includes virus checking and more.  Most 2SS.Com clients continue to need only the free spyware checking feature that you get by using the link in #1 above.  AND you may wish to turn off the 'always-on' icon that partially duplicates the Norton 'Auto-Protect' feature.  It can be removed from inside AdAware's Anniversary Edition by selecting the [Settings] button and the [Appearances] tab.  Then remove the check mark from the item labeled 'Hide taskbar icon' and press [OK].

  4. We're in the midst of testing, you can watch our progress toward certifying with Intuit for QuickBooks 2008.  Very soon we hope to have completed the testing to add a '2008' to the '2007' certification that's already part of our listing when you click on the QuickBooks ProAdvisor icon to see our page on the intuit website.
  5. New Distributor, In order to maintain access to certain items that are not carried in stores and to wholesale pricing for items that are, we've added Bell Micro to the list of distributors we use.  They join Tech Data and Ingram Micro as key distributors we use to acquire the technology that our clients needs.
  6. Working with Office 2007 users?  You can add the office 2007 compatibility pack to your Microsoft Office 2003 or 'Office XP' (AKA Office 2002) installation (But, not Office 2000)(Click here to visit the download page)


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2SS.Com is proud to be certified with leading IT vendors that include APC (Authorized Reliability Provider), Dell (Registered Partner), Intuit (Certified Pro Advisor), Microsoft (Small Business Specialist), OnTrack and Symantec (PartnerNet) to name a few.

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