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We offer a comprehensive services approach aimed at allowing us to take the most strategic view of your organization.

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Recession & Productivity go together!

More that ever an economic recession is the right time to insure productivity.  At 2SS.Com we translate this to mean doing everything we can to help your organization get the most from your Information Technology investment.

That objective ranges from small things like insuring you have the tools to keep your PCs working well every day, (e.g. automated virus checking and virus updates, spyware checking, visual tools to monitor performance and assist with routine maintenance, and 'drop-dead' simple backup.)  To larger objectives, like helping to insure that you're getting the most from staff  members and communications.  We encourage you to consider some of the tools you are likely to already have and what may be new ways to use them.  Do you? 

  • Have an E-mail group that allows you to quickly update staff members when things change, or to offer some informal recognition when it's appropriate?  (Deal closed, data updated, problem resolved. etc.) 

  • Encourage staff members to put a signature on E-mail that provides their position and contact info. as well as an update on  a recent highlight product, service or event?  (This could be a subtle and valuable recognition tool much like a business card, but one that's cheaper and that offers further and quicker reach!)

  • Allow folks to access their PCs from home in emergencies or even on a regular basis?   (Early in this decade an estimated 30 mm folks were telecommuting at least one day a week.  With the right people and tools it can be a win-win for all involved. Benefits include saved travel time and cost, more family time, improved flex-time customer coverage and responsiveness, shared office space, and more...)

  • Have template tools and an organization policy for outbound communications that puts appropriate contact information onto every page of every outbound document?

These are just a few low-cost but potentially high-impact ideas to aimed at getting you thinking.... 

If you have ideas for exploiting the technology you've invested in, and want to spend some time brainstorming, please call on us.  At 2SS.Com we have a wealth of technology resources to contribute to that discussion, and a willingness to do so with little or no cost to you! 

Quick Items of interest...

  1. Challenged by E-mail SPAM?  Check out our guide titled "Managing E-mail and coping with SPAM"  which offers some step-by-step suggestions for us9ing tools you probably already have.  (Click here)
  2. Do you use a USB key to move files from PC to PC to keep them in sync?  You may want to automate the process with a Windows feature called 'Briefcase'.  Check out our guide titled "Briefcase What, Why & How? - Sync files on two PCs" which offers step-by-step suggestions for implementing and using Windows 'Briefcase' feature. (Click here).
  3. Last October we featured the 'Jott' tool (See our article here) for using your phone to speak into your to-do list.  Unfortunately, and despite initial promised, the free service has now gone for-profit so it will cost you $3.95 a month to enjoy that convenience which at least is bundled with other features that were also previously charged for including a link to Microsoft Outlook.
  4. One spyware checker is NOT enough...  We value the spyware checking build into Norton AntiVirus.  It helps insure that every automated update of virus signatures and automated run of virus checking also finds and resolved dangerous spyware.  But not-so-dangerous spyware is eventually a problem too.  That's why we recommend you use a second spyware tool at least once a month.  A good choice that's also free is AdAware's Anniversary Edition (replaces 2008 version) spyware checker from Lavasoft (Click Here)
  5. AdAware Anniversary Edition Upgrade?  Yes it's 'OK' to upgrade to this new version, but be careful...  The download at Lavasoft is organized to get you to buy their update which includes virus checking and more.  Most 2SS.Com clients continue to need only the free spyware checking feature that you get by using the link in #4 above.



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