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We've authored over 40 eBay guides under our eBay name and developing brand 2ITGuy. These guides cover a variety of topics, including some that you may find to be of help.  Here's a click-on-it sampling:

Add To-Do's anytime, anywhere...

Some time ago a friend pointed us to a new tool/service called 'jott'.  It's been useful enough to make me a regular user, and we think you may want to become one too!

'jott' is essentially a voice transcription service that's free at its basic level and that offers some useful 'To-Do' management features.  Using it you can record an important idea like the message I just recorded for you at right, or for $3.95 a month you can record, transcribe and send a message to anyone with an E-mail address which includes most everyone who can receive a text message. 
                 You can send text messages with you voice!

Jott says: “Who do you want to Jott?”
I say: “Myself.”

Jott says: “Jott yourself.”

Just moments ago I spoke this message:  “This is Ron Ellis speaking. I want to make a note of how good jott is for remembering things when all I have is my telephone at hand..”

You can put 'jott' to work for you free by visiting their website and choosing their 'jott Basic' plan.  For users of Outlook's 'Tasks' feature there is an interesting service (included in the $3.95) that ties 'jott' and Outlook Tasks together automatically.  So far we've been

very pleased with the features available for free including their 'jot Express' application that automatically displays and plays 'jott' messages and makes a variety of those 'To-Do' list management features available for quick assignment of priorities, completions and more.  And, iPhone users will want to consider some 'jott' software designed specifically for them!

Wait on VISTA?  And more...

Paraphrasing Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer in a recent presentation to Chief Information Officers:

It's OK to wait for Windows 7
(Windows 7 is the product that will be released to update and eventually obsolete Windows Vista.

In a ZDNet article available here, he is quoted as saying "“If people want to wait they really can, But I’d definitely deploy Vista.

At 2SS.Com we've been very cautions about Vista.  Unfortunately the change in user interface keeps Windows users from adapting easily, and in testing by various 3rd parties Vista performance continues to lag Windows XP.  The newer Vista interface may yet have it's day, but our guess is that it's more-and-more likely to be in the next Windows (e.g. Windows 7) rather than in Vista itself.  And in the mean time, we may need to become accustomed to buying the next generation of PCs with even faster processors, 4+ GB of memory, and still larger/faster hard disks.

Downloads:  In order to get:    

  • AdAware 2008 spyware checker from Lavasoft (Click Here) *
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 (Click Here, Note: IE 8.0 is now in beta testing) *
  • Mozy online backup with 2+ GB FREE (e.g. for personal use) (Click Here) *
  • SystemWorks 2008 (usually 30+ min. and many 3 or 4 reboots) : (Click Here) *
  • Windows XP Service Pack 3 for multiple installs (usually 60+ min.) : (Click Here) *

         * Please don't hesitate to contact us, these downloads and installs are time consuming, and can be a bit complex.


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