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Vista SP1 vs. XP SP2?

A rather technical article at http://blogs.zdnet.com/hardware/?p=1338&page=1 answers a question on the minds of many day-to-day computer users.  The question is…

If I make the effort to master
the new
Windows Vista interface
will the reward be better performance?

The sad answer, even after you install the still to be released and performance improving Service Pack 1, is NO! 

By several measures Windows XP SP2 displays a significant margin of improved performance ranging from 5 to 27 percent.  Our own 2SS.Com Windows Vista Ultimate ‘test’ PC (It’s not the one I’m composing this message on, and not yet updated with SP1) is a Pentium IV 2.79 GHz PC with 1GB of RAM and special video card purchased and installed just to achieve Vista compatibility.  It rates a 3.3 on Microsoft’s 1 to 5.9 scale of desirability.

All that is to say that in our opinion Vista’s ‘prime time’ has not yet come.  We’d only recommend Vista for a strategic application requirement only it can address, and so far we’re not aware of any.  However, we are grateful that manufacturers like Dell have woken up to the fact that Windows XP Professional is having a longer life that Microsoft might prefer, and we’re encouraging clients NOT to move to Vista while a more familiar and still higher performing alternative is available.

For clients with Vista, you still have a very useful computer, and the preliminary reviews suggest that installing Windows Vista SP1 , as soon as a production version is available, will be a wise decision!

PS#1  Another sign of Microsoft’s understanding is that they’re about to release Service Pack 3 for Windows XP it will include a number of mostly invisible fixes, some performance improvement and networking enhancements, as well as Internet Explorer 7.0 for those who have not yet upgraded.

PS#2  Beware… As older versions of software are mixed there are sometimes un-intended consequences.  We’ve had trouble with QuickBooks, Quicken, ACT and more due to changing versions of Internet Explorer and occasional unintended conflicts.  If you rely on your older application being able to work, we encourage you to be very careful in deciding to implement these major updates.



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