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Green & Recycling Services

We routinely order ‘green’ (e.g. power-saving) PCs and computing equipment for our clients, and we also dispose of older PCs, nervers, notebooks, and related computer equipment for our clients, typically at NO CHARGE.  All disks are wiped  of any proprietary information or destroyed, after which usable items are prepared for donation.

2SS.Com is proud to be affiliated with local nonprofits specializing in re-distributing and re-cycling items of all types including computer-related hardware and software:  Specifically Ron Ellis is a board member and volunteer with each of:

  • Love INC (e.g. Love In the Name of Christ) Sacramento (Since 2005)

  • The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (Since 1993)

For more information on these organizations and what they do in the Sacramento region click here.

A SCRIPT for PC Maint.


That's how your PC can get to be 'too quickly' if you don't keep it maintained.  For many of our clients we're right-in-the-middle (Often while training them or while providing remote support) to make sure that virus and spyware protection, firewalls, and regular updates are all on, updated, and working!  .

A great computer that's available every day also needs some occasional fine-tuning.  To assist users in monitoring and visualizing what to do 2SS.Com has encouraged most of our clients to use the Symantec SystemWorks - Norton System Doctor tool.  With a useful 'Stoplight' metaphor backed by a detailed but simple to use control panel that offers a lot of functionality including a visual way to diagnose problems all for as little as $35.00 via eBay (See below left).

At 2SS.Com we work to make all this as simple and automatic as possible by:

  • Scheduling Virus and Spyware scans to run overnight, and not conflict with other activities like online backup.

  • Insuring that firewalls are 'On' (Check your own Win XP, Vista, or Win 7 firewall status at [Programs] è [Settings] è [Control Panel] è [Windows Firewall])

  • Installing a tool like Norton System Doctor, especially on Windows XP, to continually monitor a PC's maintenance status (See our guide titled "Norton System Doctor, (w/SystemWorks) What, Why & How?")

  • Encouraging and assisting users to routinely (at least monthly) process relevant Windows, Internet Explorer, Adobe, and other updates to insure that bugs are fixed, security holes are patched, and new functionality is added.

Taken together, it's our perSCRIPTion for safe and effective computing all the time!

Links to Aide & Automate PC Maint.

  1. Automatic DEFRAGMENTATION? If you appreciate the value of keeping your hard disk defragmented and want to automate the task we have used Executive Software's Diskkeeper with consistent success.  With a little persistence we can usually find Windows XP compatible versions (9.0 or later) on eBay for under $40.00.  Once installed selecting their built-in 'set-it-and-forget-it' feature practically ends the need to monitor disk defragmentation.  It just works!  (PS:  Automated 'defraggers' are built into Vista and Windows 7)
  2. SPYWARE? Don't forget to add an 'extra' spyware checker, we routinely recommend AdAware  from LavaSoft.  (click here)

    PS:     Have AdAware version 9?  You can click [About] in the lower right of the screen to see if, you still have version 8.
  3. Microsoft UPDATE.  You can check your PC by visiting the 'Microsoft Update' page.
  4. Norton SystemWorks with AntiVirus?  CALL US! - We try to keep several copies around to help clients update for about $35.00, rather than using the Symantec automated renewal website with pricing of at least $49.99   If your virus subscription is running out we can often help you renew it in just a couple minutes via remote support.  For many of our 2SS.Com clients we're sure that this $35 software is cheaper than than FREE choices like the one just below...  (Please ask us why?)
  5. FREE ANTIVIRUS?  Microsoft Security EssentialsWindows Security Essentials is capable antivirus software providing all the needed features including continuous monitoring of all the files on your computer, automatic updates of virus signatures and periodic 'off-hours' full scans of all your files.  If you have a PC with no virus protection there's NO EXCUSE, all you need is a legitimate copy of Windows and an Internet connection to download, install and begin to use this software. (To download Windows Security Essentials click here.)


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2SS.Com is proud to be certified with leading IT vendors that include APC (Authorized Reliability Provider), Dell (Registered Partner), Intuit (Certified Pro Advisor), Microsoft (Small Business Specialist), Mozy Reseller, OnTrack and Symantec (PartnerNet) to name a few.

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