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eBay Guides

Authored by 2SS.Com (a.k.a. 2ITGuy or About Me) on eBay these guides currently number 47 and include all of the following:


  1. Apple Mac or PC? That is the question (Opinion & Facts)
  2. Drives - Hard, Flash, Optical, etc. What are they?
  3. Hubs, Switches, Routers - What's the difference?
    and several more...


  1. 80+ Copies of SystemWorks 2006/2008 and still buying...
  2. Briefcase What, Why & How? - Sync files on two PCs
  3. Copying User Profiles in Win XP & 2000 Professional
    and over 20 more...

Other Computer and eBay-related:

  1. Comparing entry-level Copy Machines?
  2. Computer BackUp for Small Bus.-The What, Why and How?
  3. Defragmentation-The What, Why, & How?
    and several more

To see eBay's list of all our guides with options to order the list by title, helpfulness, or date modified, click here

Looking Ahead To NEW Technology?

2SS.Com has recently had our 'HANDS ON' Windows 7 and we like what we see!.  Compared to 'Windows Vista' its MUCH MORE intuitive and forgiving when executing the common tasks that most users will want to use it for.  And so far it seems to allow 'normal' Windows XP style programs to run fast and well!  We like the 'classic' options to help make the new OS feel familiar, and the handling of items in the system tray is significantly improved.  We don't prefer what appear to be dedicated menu items for little-used entries like 'XFS Viewer' and 'Connect to Projector' but we suspect those can be customized away.
(Click on the image at right è for a larger view of our Windows 7 desktop in classic mode)

The critical issue is that we don't yet know the compelling reason to upgrade.  It's the answer to the question...  "What thing does Windows 7 will do so well, that the investment in upgrading is Worth it!".  As we continue to look and evaluate, here's the best summary of benefits we've found among recent analysis (Hereç Click here to see the article and webcast) in connection the a live TechRepublic webcast.

By "...replacing ... desktops, notebooks, workstations, and even servers with brand new hardware running the brand new Windows 7 operating system (OS), your company could save as much as $170 or more per system over a one year period through lower support and maintenance. Plus, in addition to saving time and money, you'll also improve the performance and security of your existing information, applications, and services."

While $170 a year is not enough of the motivation we're looking for, we're optimistic in preparing for what's next!

AND, if thinking about Windows 7 puts you into a 'FUTURE FRAME OF MIND', you're in a good place to think about what's coming a little further out.  A recent presenter to the TED organization (Technology, Entertainment, Design is a small nonprofit devoted to ideas worth spreading) knocked our socks off with their idea of technology as a "Sixth Sense".

Encouraging you to Click here may be the best thing we've ever done at 2SS.Com to help you get a glimpse of what's ahead!  It's a powerful idea for mobile computing that we believe is very likely to come together in tools that enhance our abilities all the time, everywhere we go!

The BEST of 'too many' recent items to note:

  1. TCLOCKER?  Sometimes we run into a simple tool that's 'TOO GOOD' not to use.  TClocker let's you adjust Windows XP's time display into almost any format you'd prefer.  It's simple, free and really useful!  We took the native display you see on line (A) and used it to beeome what you see on line (B) instead.  You can download and install it by clicking here.  And, you can copy and paste the format "ddd MM-dd-yy hh:mm" to get a display like ours.  If you need help installing it is something we can help you do via remote support in just a couple minutes.  And the payoff will be useful time and date information
     EVERY TIME you're at your PC. (Note: the yellow date display in (A) is what you see automatically when you hover the mouse on top of the date.)
  2. NORTON ANTIVIRUS  UPDATE?  CALL US! - We try to keep several copies around to help clients update for about $35.00, rather than using the Symantec automated renewal website with pricing of at least $49.99   If your virus subscription is running out we can often help you renew it in just a couple minutes via remote support.
  3. APP STORE A SUCCESS? "...though next-generation mobile app usage is just in its infancy, Apple can already claim that there have been two billion downloads of over 85,000 different apps from the App Store in a very short amount of time (less than two years.)"  From: http://blogs.zdnet.com/Hinchcliffe/?p=1007&tag=nl.e539
  4. POVERTY IN DECLINE - Study: World poverty rates plummeted 80% since 1970. From:
  5. EXECUTIVE INFLUENCE - Top execs say they are influenced by social networks.  From: http://blogs.zdnet.com/Foremski/?p=953


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