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Our client needed to invest in their growth rather than in a phone system, but their staff had already grown well past their get-though-the-day use of Vonage, POTS (plain old telephone service) lines, and cell phones.  We did comparative research on typical PBX vendors like NEC, Avaya, Panasonic and Nortel who all offered $5,000 plus solutions. 

Then our research turned-up onebox and within a couple weeks we had a very professional system in place with auto-attendant, mail boxes, voice mail messages sent to E-mail, inbound FAXes being received as E-mail PDF attachments, and more...
All for under $80.00 a month!

Overwork Your Phones?  Here's How...

Increasingly telephones are intertwined with how we use computers, and there's been a flood of phone-related innovations matching the pace of those for computers.  In a very recent development Google has launched it’s ‘Google Voice’ service that delivers a number of useful features starting with a new local phone number that you select and which can ring any or all of the phones and phone numbers that you regularly use (home, office, cell, Skype number, etc.).  It’s possible to use that ONE (1) number to never miss a call (Try reaching 2SS.Com on our Google Voice number, just click on the 'Call Me' logo at right or dial direct at 916-283-7964 )

But that’s just the start, 'Google Voice' also consolidates messages from text (or SMS) senders, E-mail and voice-mail in it's single 'iGoogle' interface and even performs voice to text translation.  Then it alerts you at your primary E-mail address, or with a text message, all to help manage your phone conversations and voicemail more easily.

Another useful feature is its interface with the regular telephone system.  It may sound convoluted, but it’s surprisingly easy to select a contact online in GMail, and then request that 'Google Voice' place a call.  Next it asks which of your phones to ring so you can pick up,  then it immediately dials the person you selected.

At 2SS.Com your call is answered by older technology.  In sequence we have devices including:

  • A box called a 'Communication Director' that answers calls and redirects them to #1=office phone, #2=fax or #3=cell phone

  • #1 goes to an AT&T 992 feature phone that was just $28 on eBay.  It manages two lines with a display and has all the features you'd expect. When there's no answer our old reliable (vintage 1992) AT&T Digital Voice Answering System takes a message..

  • #2 goes to an older PC with a 56K modem (under $35) and WinFax Pro 10.3 (recently under $30 on eBay)  that receives inbound faxes and allows them to be viewed before printing, being turned into a PDF, filed away, or discarded as junk.

  • #3 goes to a DialMate box (About $110) that forwards the inbound call live to our cell phone.

So whatever your phone requirements may be, we're helped clients implement solutions ranging from:

  1. Single lines (like ours at 2SS.Com) that are being 'overworked' with several devices and now Google Voice, to...

  2. A virtual PBx (Public Branch Exchange) that can make a virtual phone system out of the plain old telephone service (POTS) lines you already have and cell phones too!  (See the note from our website at left), to..

  3. Composing a request for proposal (RFP) and then managing the selection and installation of a traditional PBx phone system,

A CRITICAL Update to IE, and more...

  1. Alert - CRITICAL Product Vulnerability issued by Microsoft for users of Internet Explorer 5, 6, 7 or 8.  Several recently identified security threats including one that is considered CRITICAL.  All of the threats could allow a specifically crafted webpage to launch a hostile program on your PC.  For details see Microsoft Security Bulletin MS09-034 – CRITICAL at: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/Bulletin/MS09-034.mspx

    You can protect your PC by using the update feature inside Internet Explorer [Tools] and [Windows Update] and running through the update cycle. As a critical update it will be automatically selected.  For folks with PCs that are set to automatically updated you can be pretty sure your PC is updated if you use the update procedure and see NO UPDATE titled “Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer
  2. 'Windows 7' ? – More than just 'Windows Vista fixed' read about what are called “…Many small but meaningful changes -- and several large ones too!”  (See the article on ZDNet at: http://blogs.zdnet.com/Bott/?p=1195&tag=nl.e539)
  3. Want to be In-Sync? - Your outlook, web-mail, iPhone or other device can always be in Sync, even without your own E-mail server (e.g. Microsoft’s Exchange and others...). It's now possible to get an Exchange server account for a little as $6.99 a month.  It’s a service (Offered by several vendors) that can help you have access to your UPDATED E-mail, Calendar, Contacts and To-Do's from anywhere all the time!  

    Need help?  Please call on us to assist with the subscription and set-up.
  4. Get Help Now! - Check out our library of brief click-and-read self-help topics including:
    Apple vs. PC, Backup, Cut-Copy-&-Paste, Default Windows Printer (how to set), Defragmentation, Drives, Entry level copy machines, E-mail troubleshooting, FAXing from a PC, Firewalls, Hubs-Switches-&-Routers, Internet Phone Services, Installing Software, KVM Switches, Outlook Archive files, Peer-to-peer Networks, Privacy, Quicken, SPAM (how to cope), Supercomputers, Virtual PBXs, Viruses-Spyware-&-Bots, Windows Briefcase, Windows Vista and calming it down,   ç Just click!


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