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Business Needs Assessment & Planning


Strategic Systems Planning 
We have extensive experience in various technology planning methodologies and a track record of applying them to real businesses in our quotations, proposals and strategic planning reports and presentations. 

Development of Business-Oriented Computing Plans 
We often are focused by client on needs they have identified and need a plan to implement such as a network installation or upgrade that has the minimum impact on day-to-day operations. 

Local and Wide-Area Network Design 
We are very familiar with peer-to-peer and Microsoft Server-based networks.  And have a track record of minimizing investments while obtaining desired network connectivity for file and printer sharing, network applications, centralized backup, E-mail and Internet access.


For a Professional Services Firm

We worked over time to develop a project plan to upgrade and stabilize their small 6 user network and then began to enhance it with improved Internet connectivity, a firewall, nightly automated tape backup and finally an applications implementation effort that centralized key client and contact data for shared access from each network workstation.

Time to Re-Consider BackUP?

Computer BackUp has important objectives including:

  • The recovery of files that get damaged, accidently revised, or even deleted

  • The recovery of files when hardware fails

A few rules-of-thumb that we apply to any BackUp solution include:

  • It must be simple! Complex backup schemes tend to be too much trouble to use, or worse they're too complex to actually work when its time to restore from a backup.

  • It must generate several slices of your data! Backing up just the files as they were yesterday or last week is NOT enough.  Problems with files come unexpectedly and sometimes files from Tuesday, or a week before last will, be the better choice.

  • It must run itself!  Backups that need to be attended by humans more than once-a-day, even to change disks or CD's, etc. are destined to fail at least occasionally.  The more automatic the better!

The type of solution you choose to implement depends in part of the size of your organization.  Here are some recommendation for individuals and organizations with small numbers of users:

One or
Two PCs
Consider on-line backup as the easiest and very likely cheapest way (FREE for up to 2 GB of data, see below left) to get regular backups completed in a way that satisfies all our rules-of-thumb!
Three to five+ PCs

With three or more PCs we recommend using a 'dedicated' or at least 'well-configured (e.g. memory and disk) PC' as a network 'Hub PC' that can act as the central data storage place for all the PCs.  On that 'Hub PC' we typically recommend a USB connected drive with removable disks.  Then with enough disks (12 is a magic number) full regular backups can protect a lot of data (maybe 35GB or more)  while satisfying all our rules-of-thumb.
Three to 25+ PCs

For larger backup needs on a network server we have routinely installed DAT (Digital Audio Tape) systems that will typically backup up as much as 72 GB (recently even 160 GB & more!).  They can be set-up to operate in a relatively simple way that satisfies our rules-of-thumb, and like removable hard disks, these DAT tapes can be taken off-site.

We expect that backup systems with multiple USB connected hard disks are fast becoming a viable alternative to DAT tape, but they still require a separate solution for getting data off-site that makes the resulting combination of solutions a bit more complex and expensive than we'd prefer.

For a more detailed run-down on these backup recommendations and and explanation of why 12 is a magic number for removable backup media see our guide titled "Computer BackUp for Small Bus.-The What, Why & How?".

Links to help implement your BackUp plan...

  1. Mozy is online BackUp software that we have featured before, and that many of our clients use.  Best of all users get up to 2GB of BackUp FREE, or an unlimited amount for a few dollars a month.  If you're home PC is NOT YET backed-up we recommend you STOP what you're doing RIGHT NOW, download and install Mozy backup,  (click è here).  (You'll actually get 2.3 GB of space by using this 2SS.Com 'referral link' and in the future you'll be able to get more space by referring others as well.)
  2. [email protected] - E-Mail us with your backup needs and we'll be pleased to provide you a quotation.
  3. GoBack included in Symantec SystemWorks 2008 can be a valuable Disaster/near-Disaster Recovery tool.  Download the whole software package (click è here) for a file that's ready to install on your PC.  You'll get 15 days free with the download, and you can purchase a one-year subscription for $49.99.  (Would you like to save $15 or so?  Contract us to see if we can help you get a cheaper update...)
  4. Windows XP has a built-in 'System Restore' feature that can occasionally (But not as often as we'd like!) be helpful in recovering a system.  It can be turned on and off from the Control Panel's è [System] icon è [System Restore] tab.
  5. Some software (e.g. ACT is one example) create backups using .Zip compression.  WinZip is popular software to compress and de-compress files with the widely used '.Zip' extension.  A FREE trial version of the software is available to download and install, (click è here).



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