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We know that at least part of how you evaluate our service is being able to resolve minor problems yourself and having the resources to troubleshoot, so that our time is primarily aimed at moving you ahead.  Here are some resources to help!

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3.  Support Links and Phone Nos. for Popular software titles  This is a word document with active links.  It includes all the software that we typically install and support on  client PCs.  (If desired click here for a PDF version with links that can be read but NOT clicked on.)

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Why all the interest in SystemWorks?
Answer 2 = 'Virus and Spyware Protection Combined'

Norton SystemWorks (starting in the 2006 version) includes tools to check a PC for spyware that are bundled into their highly regarded (Click here to see a comparative review for 2007) virus checking
software.  We think it's a real bargain when added to other features like:
  • Auto-Protect that examines EVERY file that comes to, or gets sent away from your PC.

  • Automatic LiveUpdate that checks, every time you turn on your PC and connect to the Internet, for updated virus signatures and spyware definitions.

Symantec's Description:  Norton AntiVirus is the world's most trusted antivirus solution. Norton AntiVirus 2007 offers the same level of protection along with new features and improvements. It removes viruses and security risks automatically; heuristically detects spyware threats, detects and blocks Internet worm attacks, and protects email.

  • Automatic scheduling of a weekly full-system antivirus scan to be doubly sure (e.g. in addition to Auto-protect above) that your system has no infections.

  • A host of other options and features that are typical of many of the 'top' virus checking software programs.

  • Pricing (generally about $35 or less) that in our 'year-behind' strategy and with Symantec's free upgrade to the 2008 version is too attractive to miss. 
    See our Guide titled "45+ Copies of SystemWorks 2006 and still buying...")


A note on Internet Explorer 7.0

We've encouraged many of our clients NOT to upgrade to Internet Explorer 7.0 (aka IE 7.0).  Like it or not Internet Explorer is a core component of Windows, and changing it can and does affect other applications.  We have had experience with QuickBooks (versions before 2008), ACT 2000 and GoldMine 7.x each not working properly with IE 7.0. 

The rule-of-thumb for any mix of software (particularly software that is aging but working effectively) is to be VERY CAREFUL about updating any core components like IE 7.0.  We strongly recommend doing any updates carefully, testing on a single PC, and then gradually updating other PCs sometime (maybe 30 to 90 days) thereafter.

If you are mixing and matching older software without our help...
...you may find our guide titled: 'Installing Software? Order is important' to be of interest.

Downloads of interest, to:    

  • Upgrade/download Internet Explorer 7.0 (Click Here, there is also an IE 8.0 now in beta testing)
  • Download (usually 60+ min.) Windows XP Service Pack 3: (Click Here) *
  • Download (usually 30+ min.) SystemWorks 2008: (Click Here) *

                      * Please don't hesitate to contact us, these downloads and installs are time consuming, and can be a bit complex.


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