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Is acquiring technology from 2SS.Com more expensive?


In every case we mark-up the information technology items we acquire by 10%, but we acquire these items from companies that we deal with routinely and with which we have partner or purchase arrangements.  So, in most cases we end up saving you our 10% markup or more...  Here’s a quick rundown:

Dell........................... As Dell Registered Partners’ 2SS.Com gets an additional discount on top of our discount as a dell Small Business seller. 
Typically totaling 6 to 10%

Tech Data..............We acquire many items (Printers, routers, firewalls, software, etc. ) via Teach Data which is a technology products distributor.  If CompUSA, staples, OfficeMax, or others need computers, CDs, keyboards, etc. to sell the may well purchase them from TechData who only sells to registered resellers like 2SS.Com (CA Reseller license SR KH 97479818)

eBay.........................2SS.Com has a ‘well-established’ reputation on E-Bay and is identified as a ‘Top Reviewer’.  We use eBay on our clients’ behalf and take the risk out of the process due to our reputation, experience and volume of business.  (Check us out on eBay using our ID:
2ITGuy.Com-Ron_Ellis )

As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor 2SS.Com receives a 20% discount on all product.

And there's more value for you than just these savings.  That value includes 2SS.Com:

1.      Receiving and configuring new technology items so that they are delivered to you ready-to-put-to-work!

2.      Taking responsibility for any DOA (dead or dysfunctional on arrival) items and getting them replaced or repaired at no additional cost to you!

3.      Maintaining relationships with the above companies so that we have experience in securing and working with their sales, finance and technical support groups.

4.      Serving as the INITIAL owner of record which permits 2SS.Com to secure service, updates, support, etc. on your behalf without needing to meet case-by-case and time consuming vendor proof of ownership requirements that you might otherwise face alone or pay us to re-construct.

5.      Acquiring technology that 2SS.Com typically knows how to install and support, so that the likelihood of a successful acquisition is maximized every time!

If this leaves you with any questions about our acquisition services please don't hesitate to ask in person, by phone, or in an E-mail reply!


Software Quick Notes

A few notes on software that routinely generates interest:

  • Symantec is upgrading their SystemWorks 2006 software to 2008 FREE.   There's a bit of time involved in making the update but the price is right and BEST OF ALL there's NO LOSS of your subscription status. (e.g. If you have 120 days remaining you will continue to have 120 days after the upgrade).  If upgrading interests you, please contact us for assistance in making this as efficient on your network as possible.
  • The LavaSoft folks who make the AdAware spyware checking software are upgrading too!  If you have the 2007 version it will upgrade almost automatically to 2008 FREE.  If you'd like this done or need help getting started please let us know?
  • We continue to 'VERY GRADUALLY' roll out Windows XP Service Pack 3 among various clients with good results so far.  If you'd like to do the update yourself our preliminary testing suggests that it's probably 'OK', but we'd VERY MUCH like to speak with you before you begin.  And if you have older versions of software in daily use (e.g. ACT, GoldMine, QuickBooks before 2006, etc). we urge you to proceed very cautiously with a single test system.
  • Ready for Internet Explorer 7.0?  We're NOT impressed with the new face and limited new functionality.  Nevertheless we have helped interested clients to upgrade.  Our opinion is that there is NO compelling reason at this time, and again users of older software (e.g. ACT, GoldMine, QuickBooks before 2006, etc) are encouraged to proceed with great care.  We were recently asked by one client to rebuild a PC (It could not be corrected via an un-install) after an upgrade to Internet Explorer 7.0 lead to an un-expected and crippling impact on other software.


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2SS.Com is proud to be certified with leading IT vendors that include APC (Authorized Reliability Provider), Dell (Registered Partner), Intuit (Certified Pro Advisor), Microsoft (Small Business Specialist), OnTrack and Symantec (PartnerNet) to name a few.

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