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We know that at least part of how you evaluate our service is being able to resolve minor problems yourself and having the resources to troubleshoot, so that our time is primarily aimed at moving you ahead.  Here are some resources to help!

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NEW... Remote support on your PC!

We're pleased to announce that we are routinely providing support to clients via remote Internet connection.  After months of reviewing products and services, we've found one that is simple to use, highly secure, reliable, and cost-effective...

Here are a few of the relevant details:

    2SS.Com remote support is just two clicks away for clients whose PCs have been prepared (about 5 or 6 clicks and a minute or more for a 'one-time' install, for others.)  After arriving at our www.2SS.Com website just click on the link at left labeled 'Get Help Now' and then on the second item 'Click here to let us to connect to your PC Now' At this point we'll be ready and able to watch you reproduce a problem, or to find and resolve problems ourselves.

    Our software lives and runs on our own 2SS.Com server and ONLY WORKS when you first make a request for support by clicking on the links described above.  NO ONE else can use it to access your PC, and we can't either until you first make a request!

    There are a number of products that just don't work reliably, (We know, we tested several!).  This software is robust, and even allows to re-boot (or re-start) a PC we're working on without loosing the 'one-time' access you authorized.

    Unlike many solutions that require a monthly or annual subscription fee, software for each user to acquire, or even special Internet connections, this software has been acquired by 2SS.Com.  We own and operate it on our server.  That means that we can use as much as we need, and there are NO additional costs for 2SS.Com or our clients!

If you're curious please don't hesitate to ask for a demo.  And, don't be surprised if after making a request we ask, 'Would you like to care of that now?'  Already we've updated software and access to programs, started working onsite and then finished tuning-up PCs from our offices, updated expiring virus subscriptions, resolved E-mail transmission problems, and performed troubleshooting with a third-party vendor that involved a two way PC link and three-way telephone conversation.

It's very useful stuff, and we're delighted to be able to offer it as a new way to help us serve you!


Defragmentation the What, Why & How?

If you're not familiar with it, defragmenting is like organizing the paper file folders in a file drawer alphabetically.  For just a dozen file folders it doesn't matter much.  But with a hundred or more file folders, things need to be alphabetized to have a chance of finding something.

Today's PCs manage upwards of 75,000 files (We happen to have over 200,000 on a heavily used workstation) and if those files are not in an optimized order they will be harder to find, and the hardware will have to work harder to find them too!  That's the essence of why it's helpful to regularly defragment.  We do it at least twice a week on a heavily used workstation, but lighter PC users can do it less frequently.

There are FREE defragmenting tools inside every current version of Windows. 

  • In Windows 2000 and Windows XP it's part of the 'Computer Management' tool, (Select [My Computer]-->[Properties]-->[Manage] and then look under the [Storage] branch for [Disk Defragmenter]), or
  • In Windows 98 and Windows ME find it under the [Start]-->[Programs]-->[Accessories]-->[System Tools] menu.

We often find that the best way to fully defragment a PC is to run the procedure to completion several times, in order to fully optimize the hard disk. Once optimized, the easiest way to keep it optimized is to continue to run a defragmentation procedure routinely.  We like to help clients monitor defragmentation visually using the System Doctor tool in Symantec's SystemWorks software which also includes it's own and they say "Better than Windows" defragmenter called 'Speed Disk'.  Speed Disk takes a bit longer to work, but presumably does a "longer lasting" job.  Unfortunately we've found the scheduler feature inside the SystemWork's - Speed Disk tool to be inconsistent at best, so we don't use it.

If you appreciate the value of keeping your hard disk defragmented and want to automate the task we have used Executive Software's Diskkeeper with consistent success.  With a little persistence we can usually find Windows XP compatible versions (9.0 or later) on eBay for under $40.00.  Once installed selecting their built-in 'set-it-and-forget-it' feature practically ends the need to monitor disk defragmentation.  It just works! 


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